Religion Belongs in Public Schools

I recently joined a new cause on Facebook when one of my newer friends sent me a “cause request.” I ignore a lot of them, but this one, I didn’t. I joined “Put Christ Back Into Public Schools.” I even did my Christian duty by inviting every single one of my over 150 Facebook friends to join the cause as well. My Christian friends might be shouting “yay!” at this point; but don’t jump the gun.

Less than a week later, I removed my membership from the new cause, and joined a different one: “Respectful Dissent: Put Christ Back Into Schools?” I might have left the original cause alone, and stayed with Christ in public schools, but I doubt it since my daughter is one of my Facebook friends, and she quickly reminded me that I had raised her with a strong respect for freedom of choice. While she believes in Christ as well, there was no way that she was going to join the cause because she believes that her Christian mother raised her right. Continue reading