I Don’t Like Mondays Either–Deal With It

Now that I have your attention, I want to take this moment to thank you for your support.  You have convinced me that it is worth my efforts to post regularly to my blog and publicize it so I’m not the only one reading it.  You totally rock!  (Yes, I’m talking about you–right there–the one with the face.)

This blog has been my own personal/private spot to work things out for some time now.  It’s always been “public;” anyone could stop by and read it, but no one was, because I had not fixed my settings so that it showed up in places where people could follow a link to get here.  There is still a page on this site that I consider especially for me, and that is the Music in my Soul page.  I go there whenever I need a pick-me-up.  You can go there too, If you want.

I know today is Friday, but this “Monday” post appeared in my Facebook feedfeed today:

Monday GrrrrIt was a funny post on Facebook.  I shared it too.  I really did think it was funny, and felt that it truly described myself on many days, not just Mondays. It was a I great statement because it made me smile. But then I noticed one of the comments on the original post. This one to be exact:

Sorry, I erased the i in if.  Next time, photoshop it yourself. :p

Sorry, I erased the i in if. Next time, Photoshop it yourself. :p

Now I know that he probably wasn’t actually thinking maybe I’ll start my week by making people feel poorly about themselves. Wait.  What was he trying to say?  Here is the synonymous alternative:  You seriously have a crappy job. Just quit.

Notice that there were 16 replies?  Yeah.  Other people picked up on the stupidity of the comment too.  One person even pointed out that some people aren’t even lucky enough to have a job. And the original poster (brain still out of gear–it was Monday, ya know) responded:

Monday reply

He’s up on his soap box now.

Preach on, bro.


My point is that people often say things that are judgmental and hurtful on the internet because they know that even with a photo and a personal profile, they’ll never have to look their audience in the eye. They’ll never have to truly know their audience, and understand that people have complex lives.

But wait. I’ve known people like that in real life.  People I have to work with on a regular basis. People that are close to me.  Honestly, I don’t think they know how hurtful they are being.  Their goal is to preach.  They want everyone to understand that they have a better solution, so really, you should just listen.  They just don’t get it, and they just don’t want to.

Understanding that doesn’t make it easier.  That’s why I blog.  So there you have it. My Friday freak-out.  I feel better now.  Do you? 🙂



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