Depression—A Battle Too Big to Fight Alone

I have suffered from depression for more than 30 years. Suicidal thoughts are a very real part of it, and when winter comes on, it gets worse for me. In fact, it is the anxiety that does it for me. I have often said that I would rather die than go through another anxiety attack. At the time, all I can think of is “how can I stop this?” I am managing pretty well now, in fact, I am out of work and feeling better than I have in quite a while. We need to get this message out.

Seth Adam Smith

A few months ago, my brother and I were asked to take part in a Mormon Message about suicide prevention. I hope that it is helpful to you. If someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please continue to place your arm of love around them. Believe me, a seemingly small and simple act of love can change someone’s entire life.

From the video description: There is no easy solution for helping someone who has thoughts about ending their life. But there are some things we can do to reach out to them.

The most common sources of pain for someone having suicidal thoughts are feeling disconnected from other people, feeling like they’re a burden to others or that people would be better off without them. Coupled with the hopeless thoughts that things aren’t going to change, suicidal thoughts become risky.

For some, like Seth Adam Smith, the right words spoken…

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