What is a Christian?

I had a pile of scriptures mistakenly texted to my phone last night. You know the ones–saved by grace ONLY and that kind of stuff. My phone has a Utah area code, so I knew that the mistaken message was targeted to some poor believer in the LDS faith.

However, when I pointed  out the mistake, the sender snagged an opportunity to share his version of the gospel to another unsuspecting stranger: me. And so I decided to reblog a very old post.

This is for you, Trevor. And since you seem interested, would you look up the scriptures I sent back to you? You know, the ones about loving one another and “judge not” kind of stuff.

Are Mormons Christian? comments on an article by Cooper Abrams
The subtitle is “The Bible and LDS Scriptures Prove Conclusively that Mormons Are not Biblical Christians”

This article is just one of many I have encountered in my journey to understand why people think that Mormons are not Christians.

I am hurt and confused by much of the rejection I see in the teachings of others. As I read just the first couple of paragraphs I saw so many untruths that I just gave up. I have done much the same with others of these, noting that most were written by men “educated” in the Christian way– in other words, they attended a seminary, received a degree, and now they are uniquely qualified as a “man of God” to preach Christ.

Despite the many untruths I see, such as “Historically, only until recently have Mormons wanted to be called Christians, preferring not to be included with Christian denominations” (see? untruth right from the VERY beginning), I DO know that there is no definition of what a Christian really is, anywhere in the Bible, Book of Mormon, or any other historical scripture that I am aware of. How can anyone argue that anyone is not a biblical Christian when there is no such classification anywhere in the bible?

Christian is not a title granted to us through the grace of Christ, it is a set of defining characteristics that we (God’s children) proclaimed upon ourselves. It is a way of being like Him, as we understand Him, which is why Latter Day Saints (originally nicknamed “Mormon” by their enemies) call themselves “saints”.

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The Hard Truth

Truth hurts.

How DARE They . . .

Well the Congress has approved funding for the Unaffordable Non-care Act and the Illegal Alien Invasion to the tune of $ 1.1 TRILLION. WTF!?

Meanwhile, the rosy jobs report is really another lie. Oh yeah, they “created” around 325,000 or so, more or less, jobs – most of which are PART-time filled by people who can’t get full-time, decent jobs, some of those people holding more than one of those part-time gigs. So let us up minimum wage and close down those part-time jobs that will release those people working them to nothing an hour.

Go check out “A Montpelier View” – http://mrmadison.net/2014/12/10/how-shall-we-live-our-faith/ – for a thought-provoking post.

I may be rather absent in the coming weeks. I’ll be packing up house, hoping I can afford a storage unit, come to some decision about my elderly dogs and look forward to spending the worst of winter on the streets.


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