The Hard Truth

Truth hurts.

How DARE They . . .

Well the Congress has approved funding for the Unaffordable Non-care Act and the Illegal Alien Invasion to the tune of $ 1.1 TRILLION. WTF!?

Meanwhile, the rosy jobs report is really another lie. Oh yeah, they “created” around 325,000 or so, more or less, jobs – most of which are PART-time filled by people who can’t get full-time, decent jobs, some of those people holding more than one of those part-time gigs. So let us up minimum wage and close down those part-time jobs that will release those people working them to nothing an hour.

Go check out “A Montpelier View” – – for a thought-provoking post.

I may be rather absent in the coming weeks. I’ll be packing up house, hoping I can afford a storage unit, come to some decision about my elderly dogs and look forward to spending the worst of winter on the streets.


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