Let’s Talk Trump

I’m reentering the conversation.

First of all, let me be clear about my church membership. I haven’t left. I guess you could say I’m working my way back, even though I never fully left in the first place. If you were under the impression that I had left, I apologize that I wasn’t fully clear in my previous blog post. It’s just with so many active members vocally celebrating the election of a man who fell under broad LDS condemnation over his misogyny, racism, and general moral inappropriateness during his candidacy, I seriously needed a lot of space.

I could not even be in the same room as anyone in Utah talking politics after November 8. From that time, until the inauguration, the amount of angst I was experiencing multiplied. It got to the point where I studiously avoided Facebook, and I could not even retreat to the relative safety of blogging. I did NOT want to deal with any thoughts or opinions on the man many call our president. I still can’t bring myself say the words president and Trump in the same sentence. (Looks like I just did it–and to be honest, I didn’t like it at all.)

I really struggled with acknowledging the actual validity of this election, when it was so obvious that there was interference, and given the man’s penchant for taking pecuniary advantage of people, I’m sure there was money involved. After all, money talks, and people were listening, especially old white men. And if you are an old white man who is offended by that remark, I have just one question; why are you reading my blog?

So now that it has been four full months since the presidential helm was transferred, I’m ready to address many of the things that have been on my mind. I want to address the conservative notion that progressives are a bunch of whiny babies. (Come on, you guys, you really couldn’t foresee the consequences of voting him president?) I want to talk about the very real threat Trump’s unchecked, and overly-vocal, opinions (aka “facts”) have on overall world security, and I want to talk about about the hazards of comparing Trump’s misogyny to Clinton’s womanizing. Of course, being a writer, I cannot talk about Trump without addressing his limited vocabulary. (Bad. Very bad.)

18698084_10154306968531920_4723207006555834400_nMost importantly, though, I need to talk about diversity and education. I don’t mean diversity of, or in, education, but the acquiring of knowledge that comes from getting out of your comfort zone and learning the differences in people, cultures, and life experiences. It is so important for the average American citizen to fully understand that this sort of diversity exists among us in the form of our own neighbors. Neighbors, as in the people next door, across the street, and on the next block, not as in neighboring countries like Mexico. (Building that wall will raise walls in our neighborhoods too, but that’s another blog post for another time.) Those neighbors are the Samaritans Jesus tried to teach us about; the ones we need to learn about.

I have something to say to the women of America as well.  Especially those lucky enough to have always had true respect and love in their lives. And for the majority of us who don’t, well, listen up, girls. I want to talk about you, and everyone who loves you. I mean, real love, not physical attraction.

Yeah, I really do have stuff to say. And now that my raging angst has cooled to extreme annoyance, I’m ready to say it.

Carry on.


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