Early last week (just after my last blog post), my husband and I sat at the edge of our bed and said our morning prayers. Things have been tough in our house, living with a recovering addict and helping to raise our beautiful, sweet granddaughter. I can’t remember who said the prayer, but I do remember that we asked for guidance, as my husband’s job security was in peril, and I am working for temp agencies while I try to work out critical career decisions. My daughter just wants to get through school, and to find some emotional and mental balance. Of course, we all want to feel a sense of belonging at church, and only my husband feels comfortable there, despite the fact that he is a convert from Chicago and hates living in Utah.

We asked our Heavenly Father to help us to make the right decisions as we are working to achieve our goals of finding job security, moving to a larger place accommodating to the needs of this extended and blended family, and feeling a sense of belonging in this conservative stronghold. It’s been almost year since my daughter moved in with us, but nothing is really coming together for any of us. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, but we didn’t seem to be getting any closer, and my daughter often voiced the fear that the light was from an oncoming train. Continue reading


I Don’t Like Mondays Either–Deal With It

Now that I have your attention, I want to take this moment to thank you for your support.  You have convinced me that it is worth my efforts to post regularly to my blog and publicize it so I’m not the only one reading it.  You totally rock!  (Yes, I’m talking about you–right there–the one with the face.)

This blog has been my own personal/private spot to work things out for some time now.  It’s always been “public;” anyone could stop by and read it, but no one was, because I had not fixed my settings so that it showed up in places where people could follow a link to get here.  There is still a page on this site that I consider especially for me, and that is the Music in my Soul page.  I go there whenever I need a pick-me-up.  You can go there too, If you want.

I know today is Friday, but this “Monday” post appeared in my Facebook feedfeed today:

Monday GrrrrIt was a funny post on Facebook.  I shared it too.  I really did think it was funny, and felt that it truly described myself on many days, not just Mondays. It was a I great statement because it made me smile. But then I noticed one of the comments on the original post. This one to be exact: Continue reading